Cycle-Tow Motorcycle Trailer & Wheel Chock

The Cycle-Tow is designed as a simple and easy way to transport your motorcycle around town or across the country.


The Cycle-Tow has an adjustable height so that it is compatible with almost any car,truck or SUV equipped with a tow package.

Tie Down Bar


Many cars on the road today are not equipped
with hook points on the rear bumper or tow package. The crossbar is used as an add-on so that the Moto Carrier can be used on any vehicle with a tow package.

Loading Ramp


We offer an optional loading ramp for easier loading that is made from 14 gage steel read
plate that is powder coated for durability.



We offer both 2 x 2 and 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 inch tongues. The standard length of the tongue is 12 inches. If you need a custom length to fit your needs we can provide this at minimal cost. The picture shows a 15 inch tongue that I use on my car so that the unit extends beyond my spare tire.

If you drive off with the bike in gear, you will damage the bike.
After you are finished loading the bike, always take a last walk around the bike, pulling on the straps and gently but firmly rocking the bike to make sure it is secure. Double check that the bike is in neutral, the loading ramp has been removed, the ratchet levers closed and the loose ends of the tie down straps secured.
The Cycle-Tow is classified as a Solid Tongue Non-Hinged Tow Bar and is Federal CFR Title 49, Sec 393.70 compliant.

Because the Cycle-Tow is a non-hinged tow bar, the hinge point for towing is in the steering tube (front fork area) of the motorcycle. This means the bike will castor behind the tow vehicle, and there will be some lean with the turns. This is due to the fork rake, and is normal. Having said that, larger radius turns are better than tight turns. It is best to avoid cul de sacs, and tight turns whenever possible and plan your loading in the direction you will be towing. Tight turns strain the tie down straps and could possibly push the hard ends of the hooks into the tank or other areas that could be scratched or damaged. I always use soft cinch straps to keep the hooks away from the bike. Many bikes with fairings, wind screens and other accessories may need soft cinch straps to facilitate a proper tie down. If you must back-up, remember that the Cycle-Tow acts like a small trailer and can jackknife very quickly. Plan your driving maneuvers accordingly. As you can see from the photographs we have reflectors on the tie down bar but no lights. Most states do not require lights on trailers that are narrower than 4 feet, since the tow vehicle's lights can be seen.